Track Planning

Whether you are planning a large layout for a show or a small bedroom setup, you'll more than likely want to diagram it all before you begin.

Download BlueBrick created by Alban Nanty

This software was designed specially for the AFOLs who want to prepare the layouts of their LEGO® exhibitions. BlueBrick is compatible with LDRAW and "Train Depot Track Designer" and was designed to extend easily its part database. Its layers feature allow you to better organize your map, and some specific layers make possible the addition of annotation and area assignment. RAILBRICKS Recommends!

Monorail Network Planner created by Paul Kmiec

This online tool lets you design a layout of a Monorail network, using all types of the Monorail track sections.

Model Planning

LEGO Model Scaler created by Paul Kmiec

LEGO Model Scaler allows a user to upload an image, then add dimensions to the image based on LEGO brick and stud scales.  Useful for creating realistic models from prototype source materials.