RAILBRICKS Container Swap Announcement!

Written by Colin Redner on Sep 16, 2013 in container, railbricks, swap, Announcements - 0 Comments

Coming Soon: The RAILBRICKS Container Swap!

Have you ever wanted to show your involvement in the LEGO Train community, but didn't know how? Do want to share your LUG/LTC with the rest of the world?

Soon, you'll have the chance!

A bit of history; A few years back, the LEGO Train community (via LUGNET and other media sites) organized a swap. At every LEGO Convention, LUGs would bring a small amount of stack containers that they would hand out to the other LUGs in attendance, as well as hand a few out to the individuals who attended. However; because there were not many conventions where multiple groups would attend, the containers could only travel short distances to close LUGs.

This time around, we want to change that. We believe it is possible for a container from PennLUG (Pennsylvania) to show up on at a show in BayLUG (California) or even at a show in a different continent. But this doesn't have to be just LUG-sponsored containers! Any individual can take part too!

Before we can get this up and running, we need your opinion! PLEASE, take the 30 seconds to fill out this survey : www.surveymonkey.com/s/YQZBCWH Even if you aren't planning on participating, PLEASE fill it out. If we do not receive enough responses to the survey, we will assume that there are not enough people that want to take part.

Help spread the word! The more people who take the survey, the more likely it is that it will succeed! Don't forget to join the discussion on the forums!


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Colin Redner lives in rural Michigan. He is a member of MichLUG. When not building Lego, he can be found having switching sessions on his Model Railroad.


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