re: Denver and Rio Grande Western stock (and one other)

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re: Denver and Rio Grande Western stock (and one other)
Theodore Maslanka
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Hello Johnny.

Nice to see another Narrow Gauge fan. I do see a few errors in the information about the Rio Grande's "Bumble Bee" scheme. Please do not take offense to this.

I believe the two classes you were looking for were "K-28" and "C-16."

To my knowledge, only four of the Rio Grande's narrow gauge engines used the Bumble Bee scheme, two of which were for a head on collision for Paramount's "Rio Grande" Movie.

C-16 # 268: To my knowledge, in 1949, the D&RGW crated the Bumble Bee scheme for use on #268 for the Chicago Railroad Fair. She would have this scheme for the rest of her career. [Officially, the Yellow color was called "Aspen Gold", but had the unofficial name of "Grande Gold"]

C-18 # 319: The locomotive was painted in the Bumble bee scheme for Paramount's "Rio Grande" movie for a wreck, and was scrapped a few months later.

C-19 #345: This was the other engine used for the "Rio Grande" movie, and was a stand in for 268 in the wreck. She was scrapped along with #319.

K-28 #473: I don't know offhand why the locomotive was painted in the Bumble Bee Scheme, but there are photos of her wearing that scheme, complete with a diamond stack and a "Kerosene" headlight.


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Posted on April 29, 2013 at 4:18 PM
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Wiebold4449 Johnny Rocket_486
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re: Denver and Rio Grande Western stock (and one other)

Wow, don't I feel sheepish right now! How can I even call myself a narrow gauge fan when I mix up the K-27s and K-28s! Oops... Well, thanks for the comment. By the way, If you love the narrow gauge, you should check out my model of K-36 #486. At least I didn't mess that one up! wink

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 2:19 AM
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