Monorail Ramps in BlueBrick

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Monorail Ramps in BlueBrick
William Hough
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So I'm temporarily using HTML tags until Colin can solve the mystery of the Enter key and its sudden decision not to cooperate with RB Forum posting. Please forgive the extra line spacing.

For my first post in the new Monorail category, I wanted to ask someone in the know regarding BlueBrick and the GIF files used for the upper and lower monorail ramps.

Specifically, I don't know which end of each of these two pieces go where on a layout. Given that each ramp piece in the real world has a common end to link it with the other monorail track, and a ramp-only end to connect it with its counterpart, which end do the white arrows in each GIF file refer to?

I can rotate each piece to seemingly 'fit' with other track pieces in BB, so if BB has a feature that restricts piece orientation to the way it would fit in the real world, it isn't happening for me.

Thanks for any assistance.


Posted on February 02, 2013 at 8:58 PM
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