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Rob Wilson
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Colin Redner said:
I am only aware of one other instance: Nate over on Flickr did this with a NYC Steamer:

I personally would take the easy route: remove the motor from a standard 9v motor case, and use the included pickups and mounts ,through a PF Conversion cord (Lego sells them), to carry current to an IR receiver, then out to the motors. I can post a pic of this idea later if anyone wants it.

Thanks, Colin : )

Yes - it makes more sense to use one "old" 9v motor case for pickup and then power via PF IR etc to separate motors.  Would be messy trying to have wires going from the pickup bogie out via PF ir etc and then back with more wires going back into the bogie.

I will go with your suggestion.  Off to scour ebay now for a cheap 9v bogie/motor

Thanks again


Posted on March 04, 2014 at 6:01 PM
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