The Texas State Railroad Project

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For quite some time now, going on five years, I've been building locomotives from the Texas State Railroad. As I said those many years ago, I didn't start off looking for a cause, I just liked the look of one of their locomotives.

But what followed has become a love affair that has brought not only a real sense of pride in what I've been able to build, but a vast improvement in my skill as a LEGO builder.

First I started out with the one, #500 built in 7 wide and compared to what she is now, very unrefined. #300 followed closely behind, built even less skillfully, and in 6 wide. It wasn't until I visited the Texas State Railroad, on a whim no less, that I truly fell in love with their gorgeous machines. I quickly went to the task of redesigning my locomotives, and it all went downhill from there.

So now I present to you all 9 steam and diesel electric locomotives of the Texas State Railroad. Plus a motor car.


  • TSRR Ten Wheeler (4-6-0) #201
  • TSRR Consolidation (2-8-0) #300
  • TSRR Mikado (2-8-2) #400
  • TSRR Pacific (4-6-2) #500
  • T&P Texas (2-10-4) #610


  • ALCO MRS-1 #8
  • ALCO RS-2 #7
  • GE 70 Ton #22
  • GE 45 Ton #1

So am I finished? Nope. While there are no other locomotives to build, there are still more TSRR projects on my plate. While I have all of these locomotives, I only have two passenger coaches, a situation I will have to rectify. And of course with all these coaches I'll need a place to load and unload passengers, so the Palestine, Texas depot will have to be built as well. And then of course my locomotives will have to have a place to rest, so I'll need to build the Palestine, Texas engine shed.

All of this will hopefully all culminate in a cohesive, stand-alone display that I hope to debut at Brickworld 2012. Of course as in all things, time will tell.

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