Oh Shay Can You See

Written by Jeramy Spurgeon on Jul 21, 2009 in - 0 Comments

When I first saw Brickshelf user "gcarstensen 's" newest steam engine, I immediately thought it was too large to be in scale with standard 6 or 8 wide LEGO locomotives.  However, I now believe myself to be dead wrong.  There is, in fact, a giant standard gauge Shay known as Western Maryland #6 , or "Big 6" to her friends.  Big 6 was the lagest Shay ever built, and gcarstensen's model is a dead ringer for her.

I've been considering building a shay for quite some time, so I tend to study them very carefully.  As yet I've not figured out if she can handle LEGO curves, but even so, there are a lot of great details to see.  From her pistons to her cheese-slope boiler, this is a great MOC.

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