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Written by Benn Coifman on May 26, 2010 in - 0 Comments

Everyone here at RB has been so busy preparing for shows of one kind or another that a few big bits squeeked out. I'm sure you've already got your copy of the Toy Story train (some great parts in there). But have you seen the various previews of stuff just around the corner?

Holger has posted photos of the new PF train motor and AAA battery box. He notes, "the new LPF Train Motor looks much like the former from the outside, it has been reengineered from the inside. It has more motor power and is more efficient. The new train runs as long on AAA batteries as the former did on AA batteries." I've often complained that the rechargible battery box should have had studs on the side to stash it in hoods and one of the commenters echoed that view. BUT... it looks like you could ditch the box and suspend the batteries from above (i.e., just the light gray battery holder) or flip it over from below and build around where the (dark gray) box would have gone.

Next we see the first review of the 7939 city train by hmillington. Yellow bogie plates??? Some other interesting new parts as well, but you can explore those on your own.

For those who like the Toy Story train as is, here's one way to add PF to it. Though one poster mentioned that the motor axles might not line up in all of them (but technically savy folks can quickly fix it).

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