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Not one, but two models based on Snowdon Mountain Railway locomotives!

Geoff Abell's 10 wide model represents SMR number 4 Snowdon 

Geoff Abell's Snowdon on Flickr

Snowdon was one of 5 locos built for the line's opening in 1896 by the Swiss company SLM. It has features common on locos designed for mountain climbing. The boiler is inclined (as in the photo above) so that the water level remains above the firebox and the cylinders are mounted above the wheels and connected by levers, this allows the piston stroke to be longer than the crank throw on the axles.

Geoff Abell's Snowdon train on Flickr

Vimal Patel's approaches his design from a technical point of view to make a representation of a Culdee Fell Railway loco. The Culdee Fell Railway featured in a book by the Rev W Awdry and was based on the Snowdon Mountain.

Vimal Patel's Culdee Fell train

The loco uses a medium PF motor to power the drive train which has a cogwheel for the rack. 

WorkingsWorkingsVimal has also developed and ingenious rack system using Technic chain links


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