LEGO 3677

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OK, I'm late on this one,

OK, it is "just" a City Train, not a LEGO Direct Train like the Emerald Night or The Maersk,

OK, some pictures of the sets have already been published ,

Engine LEGO 3677

but Pierre Normandin, LEGO Designer, offered one of his Cargo Train due to september for an auction sale...and it ended up in a 250 euros bid (approx. 360 dollars) !

Pierre Normandin

This happened at Fanabriques 2011, European LEGO event, 26-27th of June in Rosheim, France.

Box Front

Here the pictures of the back of box.

Box Back

Comments? Well. Yes : If you can't wait for the set to be released, you still can build an engine and a rail'n'road truck from Pierre by downloading the building instructions in the build instr. section of :-P




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