Flickr LEGO Trains Group Challenge #2

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 Since Cale showcased the trains on the ginormous end of the scale spectrum, I thought I could highlight those on the opposite side.  Tim announced the Flickr LEGO Trains Group Challenge #2 some time ago, but the time for getting your entries in draws near - you only have till the 30th of July. 

The challenge?  Build a Porter class (2-4-0) steam engine of any size, scale, or description.

 For details and to ask questions visit the Challenge Discussion Thread.  To enter the contest, visit the Challenge Entry Thread.


And now to highlight some entries:

  First up is g-rat3's "Polar Bear," a cute little narrow gauge tank engine.

g-rat3's Polar Bear



Next is Elroy Davis' Baldwin 2-4-0, a locomotive with striking contrast and some nice details.

Elroy Davis Baldin 2-4-0



I decided to try to build an entry, but mine ended up being a non-entry, since I was cheeky and decided to be clever, building a double Porter Garratt class locomotive.

SRW Garratt #708



Finally is Brickhead's LBB/KLS 19 Class 2-4-0 in one of my favorite color schemes.

Brickhead's LBB/KLS 19 Class 2-4-0


Good things do come in small packages.


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