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Hi all,

I've started my agenda on the lego ambassador forums. I'm looking to either keep production or start production of train friendly elements. I doubt I will make a huge impact, but any energy in the right direction can't hurt. So far I've come up with the following list. If you have other parts that you think MANY train AFOLs want/need, let me know, zephyr1934@yahoo.com

Also, as you may also know by now, Steve Witt of Lego has stated that Lego does not intend to release a separate passenger car for the Emerald Night. So I am lobbying for either a passenger car or a goods car (again, don't hold your breath, but I'll at least voice what I think is the general opinion of the community that we'd like a separate car). In my opinion, it doesn't make sense to have an equal number of engines and cars.



In the name of train fans, here are a few parts that are popular with train builders and I'd lobby to continue (or start) production of each in at least one set:
65676567, any color
28712871b2871 or 2871b - any color train wheels are made in
28752875 in black
45114511 any color (but gray or black preferred since they work with any other color)
long pf wire 1 m long PF wire, similar to:  5306bc1625306bc162  (for switch points, etc)
30633063 in clear
5340153401 in PAB or in a set w/o curved track
More parts with a 6 wide radius, e.g., 6005any color (especially yellow, orange, light gray, green, dark gray, dark anything)

More train cars (e.g., a dark red passenger car to complement the Emerald Night)

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