Bring out your ugly!

Written by Jeramy Spurgeon on Jan 04, 2010 in - 0 Comments

The Flickr Train MOCs group is running a new contest. Check out all the discussion and details here.

From the Contest Page:

Let's start the new year with a new contest, an ugly train contest! I know in your train research browsing you've come across at least one train item that struck you as the ugliest train you'd seen. Well, now's your chance to build it! The contest is open to all manner of trains: locos, rolling stock and train accessories. Entries must be 8 wide or less and be able to operate on some version of Lego track, if applicable. Locos do not need to be powered, but would increase your chances. There will be 2 categories and 2 prizes. The first is overall ugliest train and the second will be for most accurate ugly. The prize for each category will be a brand new power functions rechargeable battery! Sorry, charger not included because this is an international contest. Entries must be based on a real object that the entrant can provide photos of or links to. You do not need to enter a specific category; both winners will be chosen from all entries. Judging will be handled by yours truly and also by informal voting by all of us as the cream, so to speak, usually rises to the top in the end. The deadline for entries will be February, 28 2010 so everyone should have plenty of time. Now get out there and build something ugly!

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