BlueBrick version 1.5

Written by Jeramy Spurgeon on Oct 12, 2009 in - 0 Comments

Hello Lego train and town fans!

After many hours of tweaking over the weekend, BlueBrick version 1.5 is now
available to the masses.  This revision focused on the first (but definitely
not last), extension of the parts library, and improving the help features
which includes an integrated help file and video tutorials.

You can check out the full list of additions, changes and credits in the
version log, as well as downloading the new 1.5 version on the BlueBrick

Thanks again to the AFOL community for all the support that was provided for
this release. If you want to contribute as well, you can use the contact
information provided on the website, or join us at the BlueBrick
, in the Train Tech forum, on

Happy building!

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