BlueBrick 1.7.0 Available for Download

Written by Elroy Davis on Oct 06, 2011 in layouts, Software, Design, BlueBrick, Alban Nanty - 0 Comments

Alban Nanty, creator of the layout design software, BlueBrick, has released a new version.

He lists the following updated features:

"It contains 12 bug fix (including 3 crash bugs) and all these new features:
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): support Flex PF track.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): The application may support dynamically language addition/removal (dll and chm file inside the folder).
- NEW FEATURE (Denis): Feature to search and replace a set of brick type by another one.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): The connection points are now configurable and extendable in an XML file.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): Display the general info on top of the map (this can be disabled in the option settings).
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): Display the mouse coordinates in stud in the status bar
- NEW FEATURE (Larry): Display the XML exception when BB cannot load XML files.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): Add the polarity check for detecting electric shortcut.
- NEW FEATURE (cimddwc): Add the transparency for all the layers (and not only the Area layer)
- NEW FEATURE (Larry): Save the export image settings in the BBM file.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): You can group/ungroup hierarchically parts and texts.
- NEW FEATURE (Larry): You can create XML files that are actually groups of parts and see them in the Library
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): New secondary zooming/panning method much easier for laptop, that replace CTRL+SHIFT+LMB and ALT+SHIFT+LMB. Now it is SHIFT+LMB and SHIFT+RMB. Mouse Wheel still supported."

The latestest version can be downloaded from his website:

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