Alpine Village at BrickFair 2009

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Alpine Village

A few weeks ago I promised to share my train-related photos from BrickFair 2009, which was held just outside Washington, D.C. At the end of August. While I haven't had time to write-up a summary of the entire event, I did want to point out one unique layout that was on display there.


The Alpine Village by the Schubert family was one of the first MOCs that visitors to the convention saw as they entered the lobby of the hotel where BrickFair was taking place. The display shows that it is not necessary to have a large amount of space to showcase a great train layout.


One of the most unique aspects of the display was the mosaic used as the backdrop. While the architecture of all of the buildings was detailed and amazing on its own, the mountain backdrop really brought the MOC together by placing the village in the context of the Swiss Alps.


Ann Schubert, in her Lugnet post to the community about the MOC, pointed to this Brickshelf gallery which shows just some of the detail that went into this great shelf layout.


My own photos of the layout are on Flickr, along with other photos of the event, including layouts by WamaLug & PennLug, as well as the western village train layout that was on display. Other favorites from the event include the Shark Train by David Eash, and Dan Larson's unique use of the Emerald Night as an engine for his steampunk ship The Lady Jesibell.

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