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taltosVT Elroy Davis
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Great idea for a thread.  I hope we'll see a few more introductions, and some more activity here on the site.

For me:

Name: Elroy Davis

Where you're from: Southern Vermont, USA

How long you have been part of the community: Looking back at LUGNET, it appears that my first post there was around 2003, so roughly nine or ten years.  I think I was following the community for a year or two before that, but wasn't really active.

Any LUG's or groups? I've been a member of NELUG for six or seven years, though I'm not as active there as I used to be.  I'm also the current editor of RAILBRICKS, which has helped keep me connected to the community as a whole.

Something you like or dislike about the LEGO and/or Train Community: One of the things that I absolutely love about the train community is seeing what a large number of builders can put together for a display, and the absolute awe that shows on the faces of visitors to shows.  Though I'm generally a fairly quiet person, I really enjoy interacting with the crowds at shows, and talking to kids about how they can build anything that they can imagine if they put their mind to it.  It's also been fun to watch builders as they grow.


Posted on April 25, 2012 at 7:38 PM
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