Central Ohio LEGO Train Club

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COLTC's colorful layouts have been shown throughout the state of Ohio and  well beyond. Over the course of the last year, COLTC has displayed eleven  layouts varying in size from 90 to over 600 square feet. Most of the displays  were done as part of train shows, but displays have also been held at a  shopping mall, the Cleveland Science Center, COSI Toledo and as far away as  Belleville, IL and Washington D.C.

Through these shows, COLTC has become  known for its relatively large and unique  LEGO® creations; quite a few of their  buildings exceed 5 feet, and took as many as 150 hours to build. The creations  by the club members vary from boats to chickens, and from spaceships to  forests. A single creation can consist of only a handful of individual pieces  to as many as 100,000 bricks. Some of the creations are scaled replicas of  existing buildings, while other models are purely fantasy-based.  Examples of  scaled model replicas range from old steam trains to Columbus skyscrapers  such as the LeVeque Tower and the Huntington Banks building that are built  in 1:100 scale.

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