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Written by Benn Coifman on Aug 07, 2011 in - 0 Comments

I was poking around youtube today and stumbled on to two interesting layouts. The first, looks to have working signalized blocks, remote control switches (with under-layout motors), and a some novel tricks on the trains. If you look at some of the poster's other videos, you'll see footage of tests and experiments.

While browsing the above, I then stumbled on to the second. Certainly new to me, but probably not to anyone who was at LegoWorld 2010. Still, the long train cars, the large number of them, and the gentle sweeping curves are all nice eye candy.


Oh, okay, while I'm here, I'll toss in a bit of RB history, here's a third bonus video of NMRA 2005, where the seeds for RB probably began.



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