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Something to look at during lunch break:


The Diesel Shop


From the website:

         Even though the website has evolved significantly in recent years, the purpose of the THE DIESEL SHOP is two-fold. The first of which is a casual attempt to chronicle the history of first and second generation diesel-electric powered locomotives, particularly locomotives that once carried builder plates from such equipment manufacturers as the American Locomotive Co. (Alco), Baldwin Locomotive Works (BLW), Fairbanks Morse & Company (FM), and Lime-Hamilton Corporation. The second is to be a tool that railfan photographers can use to readily identify individual locomotives and their heritage.

 I have been using this website as tool for my model railroading for many locomotives. Not only does it have locomotive rosters from most North American railways, but it also has detailed specifications and diagrams for many diesel-electic locomotives. It's rosters also incompass not just current lines, but also "fallen flags" such as the SOO Line.

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Colin Redner lives in rural Michigan. He is a member of MichLUG. When not building Lego, he can be found having switching sessions on his Model Railroad.


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