Vote for this Modular Western Town project on LEGO Cuusoo. Help make this awesome idea a reality.

Written by Cale Leiphart on Feb 06, 2012 in western, LEGO Cuusoo, Modular, Town - 0 Comments

Please join us in the campaign to make this Cuusoo submission, by Eurobricks member marshal_banana a reality.


LEGO Cuusoo Western Modular Town


In case you haven't already heard of Cuusoo, it's a new project from LEGO aimed at sourcing ideas from us LEGO fans. Fans submit projects to the Cuusoo site that they want to see LEGO explore. Then other fans vote on weather they would support that idea. If an idea receives 10,000 votes it gets an official review from LEGO and the chance to become a reality. If it passes and becomes a real set the project's creator receives a 1% royalty from the  net profits.


This Modular Western Town from mb_bricks is one such project and one well worthy of support. I'm sure all you Wild West train enthusiasts out there would love to have a few of these buildings sitting in your train layout. Heck, I model the late seam era (1930's to 50's) and even I could use these buildings in my train layout. That's how good these are. So please lend your support to this project.

Modular Western Town Cuusoo Project

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Cale Leiphart lives in York Pennsylvania and is a veteran LEGO steam builder and founding member of the Pennsylvania LEGO Users Group. His main interest is modeling steam era railroads in the North Eastern US, in particular those local to his home town of York. Outside of LEGO and trains he enjoys video games, old cars, and collecting farm toys.


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