Things are getting a little Steamy

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It's quiet in here... too quiet.

Steam engines seem to be quite the rage these days, and I'm not complaining.  Here's a little steam wrap of of some of the MOCs I've spotted over the last few weeks:

First we have Dave Sterling's Hogwart's Express.  (He actually posted this a while ago but I felt it a shame not to include it.)

Dave Sterling's Hogwart's Express

Flickr's -Cooper- also posted pictures of his PRR Class B8a 0-6-0T.  There are a lot of neat ideas stuffed in there:

-Cooper-'s PRR Class B8a 0-6-0T

"cj 190" doesn't have a lot in his Flickr photostream, but for only having the one MOC, his 0-6-0 steam engine is a great start.

cj 190's 0-6-0

Next I'm going to steal Cale's thunder and post of picture of his awesome Ma & Pa #6.  And look, it's 9v!  (There's actually a lot more to share, but I'll let him show the other parts off, himself.)

Cale's Ma & Pa #6

As if we don't blog Jason Steinhurst enough, he's built an awesome little Power Functions Western styled Steamer, the narrow gauge Cedar Point & Lake Erie #22 "Myron H."

Jason Steinhurst's Cedar Point & Lake Erie #22

Don't think I've forgotten about Brickshelf. User "mckennaklein" has posted pictures of his Power Functions BR 50.



And finally, Flickr user "studhead" portrays a sight no steam fan ever wants to see, but it reflects the harsh reality of the way things are, and rather well done, too. Plus, it has a happy ending - yay!

studhead's Story of loco 7727

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