The Palestine Wye

Written by Anthony Sava on Jul 18, 2012 in steam, track, Railroad, engine, texas, state, palestine, wye - 1 Comment


Just before Brick Fiesta this year, I was finally able to complete my LEGO version of the Texas State Railroad's wye at Palestine, Texas.  I attempted to set the whole thing up at a local park and get some photos, though I will admit they didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.  Still, they turned out decently.

Just before I attempted to get some video of the locomotive traversing the wye, I decided to practice a bit.  What followed was a comedy of errors that I won't soon forget.  Upon successfully sending #500 through the wye once, I began sending it through the other way.  Unfortunately I started her out on the wrong side of the table, and soon she had escaped my PF remote's line of sight. She backed into #300, which then in turn backed into #400, which I should have removed both in hind sight. 

The two PF motors in #500 tender powered by a fresh set of batteries swiftly pushed #400 off the table onto the concrete floor of the pavilion.  I quickly scrambled around the table while my 5 year old son desperately tried to catch the #400.  Soon after #300 met a similar fate, landing directly upon the mangled corpse of #400.  I arrived only in time to grab #500, as her tender plunged over the edge landing upon the growing mass of bricks below.

I was angry.  My son inconsolable.  After I cooled off a bit we picked up the pieces, packed up the display and tables and went home.  No video, and no great photos.


I was able to undo all of the damage to the locomotives in time for Brick Fiesta, and was able to set up my Palestine Wye once again.  This time it was a little different, our layout had to be changed at the last minute.  Be that as it may I think it turned out rather well.  My locomotives performed admirably, and believe it or not, not a single locomotive crashed or otherwise spectacularly derailed once during the entire four day show.  I must have paid my dues from the time before.


I was even fortunate enough to win 'Best Train' at the convention.  I feel bad, though - after all I did kind of cheat, entering three or four MOCs as one big one.  Still I am very pleased with my gorgeous new trophy. 

I am also pleased to say that I was finally able to get a video of my wye in action.  Sure, it's not the greatest of videos, and I should have reshot it a few times... but it's still pretty decent I'd say.  Enjoy:

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