Step Back In Time - 4-8-4 Hudson

Written by Elroy Davis on Oct 07, 2009 in - 1 Comment

4-8-4 Hudson by Shaun SullivanSteam locomotives seem to be all the rage these days.  Last night I took a step back in time, though, to July of 2002.  Before the Emerald Night, and before the steam drivers of Big Ben Bricks (based on my 4 second search of old news groups at least), there was Shaun Sullivan's wonderful 4-8-4 Hudson.

Not only is this locomotive made up of only Lego parts that were then available, it also features some innovative build techniques, and a couple of surprises, such as the burning furnace.

The Brickshelf gallery for this locomotive is worth spending some time on, especially to check out all of the details.  Shaun also made an excellent post about this MOC on Lugnet.

If the Hudson isn't enough, take some time to view Shaun's train gallery, which also includes his awesome LEGOdometer.

While I love seeing all of the new creations that builders are coming up with, sometimes it's worth taking the time to step back and see what's been done before.

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Elroy Davis lives in southern Vermont with his wife and two daughters. In addition to LEGO trains, his hobbies include board gaming, war-game terrain building, mask-making, photography, and, most recently, scratch-building traditional skin-on-frame kayaks. When not creating things, he spends his free time learning how to create things.

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