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Written by Jordan Schwarz on Jul 17, 2009 in - 0 Comments

Today I'd like to focus the RB blog on the topic of railroad structures and scenery - key features in any model railroad layout. 

 I'd like to preface this entry by saying that I just got back from Brickworld in Chicago, where I was able to see massive, complicated, and SNOT-tastic LEGO models... and those were totally awesome. However, I also see a place for LEGO models that have an elegant simplicity and achieve a nice effect without requiring an enormous stockpile of exotic elements.

 With that said, here are a couple of interesting finds off of Brickshelf.  

DundS presents a very nice scene from the Wild West, the Eastbrick Heaven Freight Depot. 

Freight Depot

What catches my attention here - in addition to the good photography - is how this self-contained scene goes together like a production LEGO set.  It has the balance of key elements of play value - a nice looking vehicle, some cargo to move, and some minifigs to do the job.  There's just enough detail to avoid being bland without being greeble-tastic.  The model exemplifies elegant simplicity.

I'd also like to point out  a model by Dan42BR that echoes a simpler time...  Remember how your LEGO bricks from 1967 (or whenever) are still compatible with modern production elements?  (And please, no nitpicking about bley and grey or12V or whatever Smile)  This model of a cement mixer highlights this compatibility:

Cement Mixer

To me, it looks like what would happen if the modern LEGO City  cement mixer collided with a pre-minifig era one.  I like the slightly-chaotic blending of SNOT and not-SNOT, studless and studly, modern and antique.  Check out the retro wheels - he's even managed to create "dually" wheels in back.

Oh, right, this is supposed to be a train blog.  Well, consider this a MoW vehicle supporting the construction of concrete track ties...


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