Polish PKP ST43 Diesel

Diesels and European trains are not my usual area of interest but when they look this good who wouldn't take notice. Maciej Drwięga brings us this beautiful rendition of a Polish PKP ST43 diesel.


PKP ST43 diesel engine


Here is Maciej's description of his model.


PKP ST43 diesel engine (original model 060DA from Electroputere Craiova Romania). One of the most populat cargo diesel engines used on Polish railways.

The model is powered by two PF Medium motors, drives without any problems through Lego track curves. The torque makes it jumping a little on switches but it's acceptable as for me. 

A few words about the project. It started several years ago when I was preparing for a Lego display. Then the idea of the front of the loco came to my mind. I did several tries to finish the engine but each time I was abandoning the MOC and focusing on others. 
In the mid of November 2011 I decided to finish it. And here it goes. Finally. Another loco in the train collection.


And a fine loco it is. The excellent colors and great sculpting on the front and rear make this a real standout engine. And the use of Power Functions for me makes it even better. You can find Maciej's gallery for his model here.

PKP ST43 Flickr Gallery

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