One Absolutely Stunning Train Shed

Written by Cale Leiphart on Dec 24, 2009 in - 0 Comments

If you're a frequent reader of the RAILBRICKS blog then you may be familiar with Maciej Drwiega. He has been blogged here before. His latest work is one of the most beautiful train sheds I've ever seen.

Train Shed

There are just so many cool details here. The brickwork is nice, the arched roof is spectacular, and the surrounding landscape is well detailed. To top it off there is a full interior and the lighting is inspired, highlighting the model beautifuly. You can see the full set of photos on Maciej's Flickr gallery.


And if you haven't already be sure to check out Maciej's other MOCs as well.


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Cale Leiphart lives in York Pennsylvania and is a veteran LEGO steam builder and founding member of the Pennsylvania LEGO Users Group. His main interest is modeling steam era railroads in the North Eastern US, in particular those local to his home town of York. Outside of LEGO and trains he enjoys video games, old cars, and collecting farm toys.


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