Oh Shay Can You See - Part II

Written by Jordan Schwarz on Oct 09, 2009 in - 0 Comments

I'm really hoping that this 1912 Shay MOC I'm about to show you hasn't been blogged before.  Actually, I think the locomotive type has been blogged in this posting.

However, Brickbaron now takes another look at a Shay.  I think it's the same one, but it's done very differently.  Start by looking at the tracks...  you'll see the gauge is some 12 studs... which makes this engine some 16 or 18 studs wide.

1912 Shay

This took the "Best Sculture" award at Brickfest (PDX, I assume?) 2009, and I can see why.  Apparently it has several working functions and a lighted firebox, so the beauty is much more than skin deep.

I've said more than enough... the pictures of this engine speak for themselves.  The rest can be found here:



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