NMRA NTS Show Planning

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I’d like to invite you to the NMRA NTS mail list.  We’ve migrated to this new mail list service due to troubles with the original ILTCO list.  Jeramy Spurgeon  was kind enough to host this email thru the RAILBRICKS web infrastructure.

It’s only a few months away from the NMRA NTS in Milwaukee so I’d like to gauge interest in clubs that want to participate in this show.  We already have a 80’x60’ space in a prime location on the show floor and have our local club signed up for helping out with local arrangements. Greg and wife will be scouting hotels and eateries, etc… more to come on that.

So surf over to http://brickrailroader.com/ and join the mail list and let’s get planning!

The rest of the ILTCO story.  The ILTCO committee has agreed  to migrate all the ILTCO media content, articles, news bits, and images ,etc… from the ILTCO web site to the RAILBRICKS web site and will be shutting down the ILTCO web site and mail lists.   Thanks to Jeramy and RAILBRICKS for hosting this great trove of information.


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