NELUG Breaks Monorail World Record

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On February 11 & 12, 2012, members of the New England LEGO Users Group (NELUG), attempted to break the world record for the Longest Continuous LEGO Monorail Track.  The previous record is believed to have been held by the Ontario Brick Builders who, in December of 2009, displayed a layout of approximately 250 linear feet of track.  NELUG's display, shown at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, Massachusetts, measured approximately 730 linear feet.

From Mike Ripley of NELUG:

"On 11&12 Feb 2012 the New England LEGO Users Group (NELUG) set a new world record for the longest contiguous LEGO monorail track at 730 feet (222.5 meters). The event, dubbed the MR730 Event, was held at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, MA. The two day show featured a layout divided into 4 themes; space, city, carnival and forest/castle, with monorail track running throughout. Highlights included two amazing structures that held 11 levels of monorail track, working carnival rides, and 5 custom monorail trains. A video of the MR730 Event can be found at or search Flickr for "MR730 Event"."

For full disclosure, while I am a member of NELUG, I didn't take part in this particular display.  I can say, however, that the participants put in a huge amount of time, dreaming, planning, building, and ultimately displaying this amazing layout.  The original seed for this layout was planted in March of 2010, with discussions taking place, off and on, until the summer of 2011 when serious planning began.

Congratulations to the New England LEGO Users Group!

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    Colin Redner February 15, 2012 at 11:07AM

    Wow! Congrats!

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