Need Some Inspiration for Your Town?

Written by Cale Leiphart on Aug 11, 2009 in - 0 Comments

Now that most of you have had a chance to read the latest RAILBRICKS issue (and I hope you liked it) it's time to get back to some blogging.

So is your layout looking a bit deserted? Do those wide open spaces look a little to wide and open? Do you need some place for your wonderful train to go to? Well maybe you need to add a busy little town or urban center to your layout. And if you need some inspiration then maybe these guy's can help.

Spinatundei's LEGO City Scene

For the past year Spinatundei has been working on the excelent city scene The sloping street, Tramways, other details look great. You can see more of it on Spinatundei's Flrickr page.

LEGO City Scene

Johnathan Lopes Urban Landscape

Johnathan is no stranger to the pages of RAILBRICKS. His latest layout is taking shape quite nicely and even at this early stage there are too many great details to mention. Read more about it in his LUGNET post and check out the photos on his Brickshelf Gallery.

Urban Landscape


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Cale Leiphart lives in York Pennsylvania and is a veteran LEGO steam builder and founding member of the Pennsylvania LEGO Users Group. His main interest is modeling steam era railroads in the North Eastern US, in particular those local to his home town of York. Outside of LEGO and trains he enjoys video games, old cars, and collecting farm toys.


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