Math Can Be Fun!

Written by Jeramy Spurgeon on Feb 04, 2010 in - 0 Comments

#300 Scaled After my recent article, I was contacted by a fellow TexLUG member who asked me about the scale I built my trains.  He is interested in building a particular model and wanted a starting point, an asked me "do you build your trains 10 feet to 8 studs scale?"  After all, I built my two TSRR locomotives at 8 wide scale, and as I said in my article they turned out to be about 10 feet wide.  I replied and said no, that was just coincidence.

I scale all of my locomotives based on their driver size, and for my two locomotives I considered a large BBB driver, 4 studs in diameter, equal to a driver somewhere between 55" and 65".  But then I got to thinking... just what is that?  Well, 60", the average size of a driver I consider to be represented by a large BBB driver, happens to be 5 feet.  5 feet to 4 studs scale... wait a minute... Well what do you know, I really DO model at 10 feet to 8 studs scale.

Math can be fun!

For the curious, 10 feet to 8 studs scale mathematically ends up being 1:48 scale.  Then again, my math skills seem to be a little off lately.

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