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Written by Jeramy Spurgeon on Mar 26, 2008 in - 0 Comments

RAILBRICKS is now accepting instructions submissions for inclusion on the RAILBRICKS website.

We hope to eventually provide the largest repository of train related LEGO build instructions available for free on the web. Each submission will be evaluated for clarity and buildability, then judged on its merit. Those submissions that earn the RAILBRICKS seal of approval will be posted here on the website. We will also provide a forum for you the user to comment on and discuss each model on several dimensions: difficulty, buildability, rare parts, and overall "wow".

Submission of instructions does not guarantee inclusion on the site. Priority will be given to complete instructions in .pdf and .html format. LDraw (.ldr), Mike's LEGO CAD (.mpd), and LEGO Digital Designer (.lxf) files may be accepted at our discretion, but they generally will not be converted to instructions and these files will be given a lower priority on the site. We cannot accept files in any other format.

You may also link to your brickshelf or other gallery of instruction images. We will convert these into .pdf files for inclusion on RAILBRICKS.

The categories include:

Diesel locomotives
Electric locomotives
Steam locomotives
Passenger cars
Freight cars
Maintenance of Way (MOW)
Trackside (Structures, signals, etc.)
Components (e.g., a door, window, wheel truck, etc. design)

To submit a set of instructions, simply log into your RAILBRICKS account. If you do not have an account, click on the home page and register a new account. Once logged in, browse to the Build Instructions Section of the website and click the submit button.


We decided to add two more categories to the Build Instructions list: Track Plans and Electric Locomotives

The file types accepted for the Track Plan category are .tdl (TrackDesigner) or .xml (TrackDraw)

We’ve also loosened up our file type submissions to now accept the following:

• .zip or .rar files of image collections
• .jpg, .png, or .gif of single page instructions (please do not load multi-page instructions one at a time. Either zip or rar them into a single file)
• .lxf, .ldr, and .mpd for LEGO Digital Designer, LDRAW, and Mike’s LEGO CAD file types

Unfortunately, due to server restrictions, files must be less than 8mb in size. If your file is larger than this, let us know  and we can make arrangements to get it.

Note: During the submission process, you are asked for a thumbnail. Please disregard this since it looks for images located on our server. We will generate the necessary thumbnail for your submission.


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