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PennLUG had the pleasure of display our largest train layout to date recently at BrickFair 2010.  And one of the most awesome sections of our layout had to be the Inter-modal Container Port built by Nathaniel Brill aka. Shuppiluliumas.

Chris Edwards Photo


There is just so much coolness contained here it deserves a little bit of spotlight. It's the largest single MOC we've ever had on a PennLUG layout, the ship is dead on perfect, the warehouse looks great, the little run down dock at the end of the pier is a sweet touch. And there is the sweet container chassis and chassis storage rack (and they really do store them that way). And two very awesome and very large cranes.

Cranes The Ship

Warehouse Dock

Chassis Rack

A project as big as this sometimes needs the help of other people. And though Nate was the Idea man and did the majority of the building he did have some help from his fellow PennLUG members. Chris Edwards was the man behind the water with some backup tiling from others. The container and 53ft. trailer designs came from me with other members pitching in to build a few. And the yard trucks were a collaboration between myself and Brian Brister.

Yard Trucks Water


Check out the full gallery on Flickr.

And check out all the other great stuff you might have missed at BrickFair in the BrickFair Flickr Group.


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