Flashback: Pirate Treasure!

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Avast!  You might know me, Jordan, from the "Flashback" section of Railbricks.  This past weekend, I had a flashback of sorts while at a garage sale.  While it did not involve trains directly, it did constitute a flashback to a bit of LEGO history.

These days, Mega Bloks is LEGO's prime competition.  But that wasn't the case back in the 1980s when I was growing up.  You might recall that Tyco made a LEGO-compatible block as well.  I even bought one of their sets - and only one - because I soon discovered that Tyco plates were 1.5 times the height of LEGO plates... so the bricks were compatible, but the plates were annoyingly incompatible.  Perhaps others were similarly frustrated, because you can't buy Tyco blocks anymore.

Anyway, the point of all this...  I was at a yard sale and spotted one of the old Tyco block buckets there.  I'm by no means a collector of Tyco blocks, but I was intrigued, since this bucket itself was quite old and dated back to when I was a little kid.  Inside it, guess what I found?

Hidden Treasure - Tyco block tub with LEGO contents

You could call it a stash of pirates' hidden treasure!  There were no Tyco blocks (bummer!), but I did find a nearly-complete 6271 Imperial Warship and a cache of old catalogs and building instructions ranging from 1979 to the early 90s.

I took a picture of some of the fairly old instructions in the bucket.  Like so many others, I threw away most of my instructions when I was a kid, so it was unique to be able to see them again.  It was an enjoyable flashback.


Old LEGO Instructions


So, that's my story about hidden treasure.  I didn't bother to negotiate on the price they were asking for the block bucket at the yard sale: $2. 

See you in Railbricks #4!

 -Jordan Schwarz

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