Fana’Briques, Rosheim, France

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Fana’Briques is both a LUG (LEGO User Group) and an annual event held since 2006 in Rosheim, France. The event is special in that way it is purposely open to foreign people. Rosheim is not far from the german border (less than 15km - 10mi) and the event is supported by «Ritte Ritte Ross», a local organization which promote bilinguism (German and French) in the area.

In 2007, among various layouts (train and city, GBB, Star Wars), visitors discovered
a real life size LEGO Bugatti car side by side with the real one!

In 2008, Fana’Briques with 2200 visitors reach a new level.
It is also the year of the first appearance of BaB’s (another french
local LUG located in Lyon area) bullet train speed contest on homemade
track and custom 150W power supply, project on which RailBricks will dedicate an article in the next

The 2009 figures - 60 exhibitors (from belgium, germany, switzerland, the netherlands and france),
on 1500m² and 3700 visitors during two days - make the event an international one and a place you have to exhibit or attend.

It is a complete experience, as you can find, on site, a shop, playgrounds for both grownups and youngers, new products presentation by LEGO designer, BrickFilm workshop and, that is certainly the most important, friends to share a snack and dinner at a nice sunny place.

Fana’Briques will be held this year on 26th and 27th of June.

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