Down at the Train Station

Let's start the new year off right with two of the prettiest train stations you're likely to see in LEGO. First up we have this great little station by my fellow PennLUG friend Chris Edwards.

Train station by Chris Edwards


Chris isn't normaly a train builder, usualy he's off building jaw dropping sci fi and fantasy creations. So this was a rare treat and us train heads in the group are glad he took some time to play us. This station is awesome. Every where you look you'll spot little details that make you go "why didn't I think of that". The brick work, the roof, the rain spouting, all of it adds up to a perfect little place to catch a train.

You can find more photos of this station here. Train Station Flickr Gallery


Our other train station comes from recently blogged Maciej Drwiega.

Maciej Drwiega's Train Station


Even though Maciej still considers this a work in progress it's absolutely stunning. And this is just one part of an even larger project Maciej has been working on. When this whole layout is completed it will be incredible to see.

You can see more of Maciej's station here. Maciej Drwiega's Train Station Flickr Gallery

About the Author


Cale Leiphart lives in York Pennsylvania and is a veteran LEGO steam builder and founding member of the Pennsylvania LEGO Users Group. His main interest is modeling steam era railroads in the North Eastern US, in particular those local to his home town of York. Outside of LEGO and trains he enjoys video games, old cars, and collecting farm toys.


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