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Kenneth Padgett wrote in to point out this well detailed Open Freight House by Brickshelf user Monteur.  After looking through the Brickshelf gallery, I'm stunned at the amount of detail.  Having worked in a warehouse environment before, it was neat to see everything from pallet jacks to fork lifts, to dolleys, all packed into a single MOC.  The amount and diversity of cargo displayed also really conveys the functionality of a freight building.

I'm not usually a fan of non-LEGO parts, but one of my favorite details is the crates that use BrickArms Universal Clips in the construction.

I also love that there are realistic details such as a medical station and charging station.  The bays are numbered, clocks are on the walls, and lighting hangs from an open beamed ceiling.  As I looked through the photos, I could almost hear the organized chaos that occurs in buildings like this as cargo is moved from one place to another.

On the train side of things, the two freight cars and the end-of-line buffers are also very well done.  This open freight house is a really great example of what can be done with LEGO parts as a modeling material.

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