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Written by Jeramy Spurgeon on Jun 16, 2010 in - 0 Comments

On behalf of Alex MacKenna and Alban Nanty

Original post from Eurobricks.

Hello all,

at this point you might be asking... "why should I download it... what are the new features?"

As I am not sure that everyone reads the change log on the site, I thought I should mention something about the new release here as well as some instructions on how to use the new features.

In addition to several bug fixes, the new features include things that many of you have asked for.

Up until now it has been tough trying to find small GIFs in the part library window at the top right corner. This is because everything was set to scale. As some GIFs were getting bigger, it became increasingly difficult to see the small ones. Now, you have several options to display the GIFs in the library the way you like them. Right click in the part library window and select one or a combination of the following 3 options.

1. Large icons (zooms in or out of icons, same function as the regular right click had previously)
2. Respect proportion (toggles scaling of parts on or off, switching it off will help you to find those small GIFs, but it is handy to have on when looking for the right baseplate)
3. Bubble information (when placing the mouse cursor over the GIF you get a bubble, also known as a "tool tip", with information about the GIF)

Settings for this 3rd feature can be found in the global options menu, under the part library tab. Here you can chose which information you want to see in the bubble.

While you are on that tab, you will notice that the parts folders/categories have been extended, and that you can now place them in any order you like above the part library window. This way you can sort them from left to right, from most used to least used. You can also change the background color of the library window.

On top of that, all the GIFs which have been created since the last release, are available for download. Although this release was more feature driven, I think the library was still extended by 70 or so new GIFs. Thanks to all who contributed! If anyone wants to try making GIFs using LDD let me know. I will be sticking to MLCad for a while. Enjoy!

Download BlueBrick here :


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