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In RailBricks Issue #8, to celebrate the Maersk Train set to come, we featured the Maersk sets that have been released along the years since 1974.

But an older Maersk Set exist and Brick-Historian Gary Istok gives us an insight about it :

"Most of you know that Maersk is the Danish transportation company that commissioned TLG to produce several truck and ship models since 1974.

The most famous Maersk LEGO models are the 2 Maersk LEGO ships. The first was the extremely expensive 1974 released #1650 Maersk Line Container Ship that has sold on EBAY recently for up to $2700 in MISB (YIKES!!)

The 2nd famous Maersk LEGO model was 10152 Maersk Sealand Container Ship of 2004-2006.

There was a much earlier 3rd Maersk ship that TLG made... the Regina Maersk
(LEGO model #0751)."

Regina Maersk

"Unfortunately there were 3 stikes against this model....

1) it was only made for LEGO retailers from 1959-61,

2) it was made of Cellulose Acetate, so surviving models would have a lot of warped LEGO elements,

3) there are no known survivors of this LEGO model... in nearly 9 years of searching on EBAY (USA and Europe), I have never seen this one come up for sale.

The original real (non-LEGO) ship was built in the shipyards of Odense Denmark in 1954, and launched in 1955. It was the first ever M
aersk Line ship that had a Maersk blue hull, a trademark of all Maersk ships today.

The 1959-61 LEGO Regina Maersk Ship #0751 was built with regular blue bricks, and virtually no specialty LEGO elements (they didn’t exist in 1959). "

Regina Maersk

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