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Written by Jordan Schwarz on Mar 07, 2010 in - 0 Comments

Usually the RAILBRICKS staff have advice for our readers on LEGO trains.  This time, it's the other way around. I could use some advice on how to make my latest project work as well as possible!

I'm working on converting my 6-wide GG1 locomotive to 8-wide.You can see the 6-wide model in the picture below.



The GG1 was a massive locomotive, nearly 80 feet long with 10 axles in a 2-C-C-2 configuration. That notation means that it had leading and trailing unpowered trucks with two axles and two central trucks, each with three powered axles.

For my model, I took some design cues from the spectacular GG1 designed by Bob Hayes. My 6-wide model used 9V motors in the leading and trailing trucks, just like Bob's:

I want the new 8-wide model to be about 50 studs long, powered by two PF XL motors (with associated gear), and using BBB medium wheels for the two center trucks. I want the articulation to look as good as possible, and I need to direct power to at least a portion of the axles. How would you approach this design dilemma?  Feel free to post comments with your suggestions!



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