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Andre Harvey's Southern Railways Q1

Andrew Harvey has built up a nice collection of Southern Railway (UK) locos over the past few years, and his latest is his best yet. Preserved Q1 by Steven Barker on Flickr The Oliver Bullied design Q1 0-6-0 class  was designed during WW2 when the Southern found itself in need of more power to haul troops and equipment towards south coast. With wartime restrictions on materials, the loco was very different in look to anything that had come before  and was designed for easy access for maintenance. The resulting loco was very successful, and was the most powerful 0-6-0 in the UK. One of the 40 locos built has been preserved.

Andrew, who featured way back in Issue 2 of Railbricks, has succeded in capturing the distinctive look of the loco, with its stepped squared off boiler. He has complemented the model with some really good photography, not easy with all black Lego models.

For the first time he has also worked on realistic frames, with inside valve gear visible. 

Inside valve gear

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  1. jedspurg
    Jeramy Spurgeon September 26, 2011 at 2:00PM

    This is pretty spot on to the prototype and an excellent build. I might only suggest that Andrew use an Emerald Night driver wheel for the middle driver (one that is weighted).

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